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The Life and Films of David Manners
DAVID MANNERS (1900 - 1998)
Actor - Author - Artist - Friend

David Manners - born Rauff Acklom April 30, 1900: Halifax, Nova Scotia
died December 23, 1998: Santa Barbara, CA

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One can see the wisdom in his very visage. The hazel eyes, glowing from sockets lined with deep suntan wrinkles, beam with the brilliance of a limelight. His hair, looking like spun silver, sits neatly in place upon his head. Yet, as he nods slightly, it bobs, each strand in concert, as if to echo the exuberance of his own nature.
His nose, strong and stately, arcs proudly above the overshadowed yet undaunted mouth. The lips, old as they are, show incredible kindness and generosity, especially when he curls them into one of his particularly boyish grins. His countenance mirrors his being and in that beautiful old face one can see a child playing in a meadow.
His seventy-nine years do not show themselves in his posture. He stands tall, erect; and moves with unmitigated grace. Always dressed in new clothes, his bright colors dazzle and shine in the California sun. What a sight this man is to behold! The experiences, heartbreaks, loves, joys, and victories of seventy-nine years of living all combine into one fascinating embodiment within him.
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